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Feb 16 1990
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Kita semua munafik,

—Ahok, Wagub DKI Jakarta

There are only two kind of person - the one who made from mistakes, and the one who made of mistakes

—which one are you? the one who made from mistakes, you learned the hardest way and gets wiser, or the one who made of mistakes - you keep stuck on same old mistakes?

cerewet aja cantik, diem lebih cantik, kalo marah....?

  • Jadi gw agak sedikit paranoid karena abis digigit nyamuk dari genus (jenis) Aedes (keliatan dari warna kakinya) yang dapat menyebarkan penyakit demam berdarah. Ke-parno-an gw sangat beralasan, karena gw udah dua kali kena DB, dan belum sebulan pula teman gw meninggal karena penyakit yang sepele namun dapat mencabut nyawa tersebut.
  • Sebagai pertahanan awal, gw bertekad nyari Ester-C di supermarket. Harus.
  • gw : Eh ni ada Ester-C'nya. Tapi vitamin C'nya juga.
  • tmen : ahh ribet... apa bedanya sih?
  • gw : Vitamin C itu mudah mengalami perubahan struktur dalam keadaan pelarut air, jadi enaknya pake Ester-C.
  • tmen : hehhhh, anak kimia mulai deh....
  • gw : Ester - C adalah bentuk termodifikasi dari vitamin C sehingga ia dihidrolisis perlahan dan langsung diserap tubuh, lebih efektif daripada....
  • tmen : BACOT BURUAN LO!!
  • gw : mbak, cerewet aja cantik, diem lebih cantik deh....
  • tmen : OHHH, MAU LIAT GW MARAH?? MAKIN CANTIK LHO!!! *pasang tampang Laina Walker, siap" nimpuk gw pake sepatu*
  • alhasil, gw harus ngebeliin dia sesuatu. mana dia minta gw bayar pake kartu debit... apes dah.

At the end of the day people won’t remember what you said or did, they will remember how you made them feel.

—Maya Angelou (via onlinecounsellingcollege)

i don’t know that this is only for GIRLS. how can i undo this? seriously if you know please leave any comment.


i don’t know that this is only for GIRLS. how can i undo this? seriously if you know please leave any comment.






The Mysterious Case of Elisa Lam

There are mysteries that are so eerie and strange that they boggle the mind for days on end. The case of Elisa Lam is one of them. In February 2013, this 21-year-old student from Vancouver, Canada, was found dead inside the Cecil Hotel’s rooftop water tank in Los Angeles. The L.A. County Department of Coroner ruled the death “accidental due to drowning” and said no traces of drugs or alcohol were found during the autopsy. However, there is much more to the story than what is implied by police reports. The first piece of evidence that needs to be considered is an elevator surveillance tape that recorded Elisa’s behavior only a few moments before she lost her life.

The four-minute video posted on YouTube shows Elisa pressing all of the elevator buttons and waiting for it to move. Seeing that the elevator doors are not closing, starts behaving extremely bizarrely. Here’s the video.

At first, Elisa enters the elevator and apparently presses all of its buttons. She then waits for something to happen but, for some reason, the elevator door doesn’t shut. She starts to look around, as if she is expecting (or hiding from) someone. At 1:57, her arms and hands start moving in a very strange matter (almost not human) as she appears to be talking to someone, something … or nothing at all. She then walks away. The elevator door then shuts and appears to start working again.

Right after the events of the video, Elisa apparently gained access to the rooftop of the hotel, climbed to its water tank and, somehow, ended up drowning in it. Her body was found two weeks after her death, after hotel guests complained about the water’s taste and color. Incredible.

Seeing the surveillance footage, most people would conclude that she was under the influence of drugs. However, Elisa did not have a history of drug use and her autopsy concluded that no drugs were involved. When one looks at the context and the circumstances of this death, things become even more mysterious.

The rooftop area was protected by an alarm system, and the water tank was reportedly difficult to reach.  So how did she get up there undetected?  And how did she close the lid to the water tank after herself?

Shortly after the discovery of Elisa Lam’s body, a deadly outbreak of tuberculosis occurred in Skid Row, near Cecil Hotel. You probably won’t believe the name of the test kit used in these kinds of situations: LAM-ELISA.

it’s been almost a year and there has been no public conclusion. this is so 

If you study psychology, what’s your take on her mental state? 

She could have had some type of psychotic break brought on by who knows what. Did she have a history of mental illness or show any symptoms of an undiagnosed mental illness before this event? Erratic behavior, paranoia, talking to oneself… Schizophrenia perhaps? Very difficult to tell, especially without knowing her medical history or talking to her family/friends.

Good insights, important questions to consider! 

(via the-psychology-blog)

Things to Keep in Mind


1. Your grades are not a measure of your value and worth.

2. A low or failing grade doesn’t make you worthless.

3. You are valuable because you are you.

4. You don’t have to prove anything to anybody.

5. You are unique, special, and have lots to give and offer.

6. You have people in your life who love and care for you.

7. When one door closes another always opens.

8. Life is full of opportunities, of second chances, and different paths and roads.

kopi item dan status sosial

  • lagi break rapat, dan datanglah yang bawa minum. gw pesen kopi item.
  • gw : siapa nih yang pesen susu?
  • temen : gw...
  • gw : wah ganteng" kok pesennya susu mas? ngga takut turun derajat?
  • temen : ngga lah.
  • bos : kalopun turun, derajatnya ngga akan serendah elo her.... DAN MESEN KOPI ITEM NGGA BIKIN DERAJAT LO NAIK.
  • kampret.

it is a common paradox that something worth dying for, is also something that makes you alive at most

—but only some people who dare to see and take a stride through

balada anak baru

  • gini nih kalo dapet kerjaan yang ngga sesuai jurusan
  • bos : heru, kamu udah bisa baca drawing?
  • gw : udah bu... *sotoy pura" ngeliatin drawing*
  • bos : serius?
  • gw : *diem*
  • bos : *tiba" kaya orang ngeliat kebakaran* HERU ITU KAMU MEGANG DRAWINGNYA KEBALIK!!!!!
  • gw : *dalam hati : mampus gw!!*